Ganbaro Iwate!


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It has now been one month since the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11.
In Iwate, a great number of people have lost their lives, and many are missing. A great many people have lost their houses and are now forced to live their daily lives in refuge centers.

In Iwate we have suffered the Meiji and Showa period Sanriku tsunamis, the Kathleen and Ione typhoons, the Chilean Earthquake and tsunami, and the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake among other numerous and terrible natural disasters. However, our predecessors were never broken, and overcame these hardships. With our independent spirits and sense of symbiosis borne from Iwate’s bountiful nature, we can overcome this catastrophe.

It was Kenji Miyazawa who said, “As long as the world cannot be completely happy in itself, the happiness of the individual is impossible”

We, the people of Iwate, share this pain with everyone with our hearts as one. We guarantee clothing, food, shelter, the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to work to the many people who have been affected by this disaster, and try to help them lead a happy life once again. From here on, we will take the hopes and dreams the victims had for their hometowns that were lost in this tragedy and carry them with us.

However long the hard winter continues, a warm spring will surely come.
We live on the sympathy and encouragement we have received throughout the country, and the world. Together we can gather our strength, and with hope, we can strive step by step towards reconstruction. To this I say, “Ganbaro Iwate!”

April 11 2011

Representing the people of Iwate Takuya Tasso Governor of Iwate


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