Ganbaro Iwate!-A New Announcement


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The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami occurred on March 11th, 2011. In Iwate, 4,672 people lost their precious lives, and 1,123 went missing. A great many people suffered severe tragedy, including the loss of their families, friends, towns and homes.
One month after the tsunami, on April 11th, when around 45,000 people were forced to live in refuge centers, I made several promises in an announcement entitled "Ganbaro Iwate!":

 That Iwate, with the independent spirit and sense of unity borne from its bountiful nature, could overcome this catastrophe.
 To take the hopes and dreams that the victims had for their hometowns that were lost in this tragedy, and carry them with us.
 To live on the sympathy and encouragement we have received from throughout the country and the world; to gather our strength and to strive step by step with hope towards reconstruction.
Exactly five years have passed since I made that announcement.
The people of Iwate, while receiving help from many people all across the world, are working vigorously towards a true reconstruction.

Even now, a large number of people are forced to live in temporary housing. However, we're helping the disaster victims to deal with problems both physically and mentally, and to build a new community.

Furthermore, we're working steadily towards guaranteed safety, and the rebuilding of people's lives and livelihoods.
In addition, we're proceeding with forward-thinking policies that will help create a new Sanriku region, including the accelerated introduction of renewable energy, the promotion of tourism based on local resources and the strengthening of our marine research facilities.
The ILC (International Linear Collider) is a way for Iwate to use its bountiful resources to make a contribution towards science and technology. It’s a source of hope for eastern Japan, as well as the entire country.

Thanks to the development of the transport network and the urban reconstruction, the Sanriku region's surrounding environment is currently changing significantly. Iwate is working with its cities, towns, villages, businesses and organizations to open a path towards Sanriku's future.

We won't forget the people who came to aid and support us during the last five years.
To the Self Defense Force, the Fire Department and the Police, to artists and athletes, to everyone
who rushed to support us from abroad, to the public workers who were transferred here and to the large number of volunteers…
We will forever treasure our ties with all of you.

With the hidden strength of Iwate's people, and the power of our relationships both in and outside of Japan, we're working hard towards the reconstruction of the disaster-hit areas and the development of the entire prefecture. By overcoming adversity, Iwate will become a positive example for the entire country.

The "Land of Hope National Sports Festival and National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities" is a perfect opportunity to show everyone in Japan these qualities. It's a chance to communicate the reconstruction's progress, and to give thanks for the help we've received so far.
Additionally, the 2019 Rugby World Cup matches in Kamaishi, as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, will allow us to thank the entire world for their support, and to show them the results of our reconstruction.

Iwate will recover.

With the strength of our people and with pride in our nature, we will work towards reconstruction and beyond, into the future. To that I say, once again, "Ganbaro Iwate!"

April 11th, 2016

Takuya Tasso
Governor of Iwate


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