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News from Iwate's Reconstruction Header

We are deeply grateful for the heartwarming encouragement and support received from both within and outside of Japan in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, which struck on March 11, 2011. The precious bonds created during this time will always be cherished.

We will now bring you the news from Iwate’s reconstruction.

Volume 129 - September 2017

volume 129

In this issue...

  • Gantry crane donated from Osaka now in operation
  • Results from the Iwate Reconstruction Watchers Survey #2 for 2017
  • New Tohoku Reconstruction Awards
  • Residents vote on the building design for the new Otsuchi train station
  • Restoration of the school yard completed at Noda Middle School
  • Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Noda Village
  • Three Great Noodles of northern Iwate commercialized
  • New Japanese sake made from the rice of disaster-affected prefectures
  • 9th Autumn Sanriku Railway Festival in Kuji
  • Explore Sanriku! Farmer's Market "Hama-no-Eki Omoto-Aidokan" opens
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Yasuyuki Ishiguro of the Nakano Nanazumai Preservation Committee

Volume 128 - August 2017

volume 128

In this issue...

  • National Governors Meeting held in Iwate
  • Ring Entrance Ceremony by famous Sumo wrestlers in Kamaishi
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Reconstuction of the Miyako Athletic Park
  • Rikuzentakata's new public library opens!
  • Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Kamaishi City
  • Two beaches are reopened on the Sanriku Coast
  • Seven years since the last Yoichi summer festival (Otsuchi)
  • Explore Sanriku! Whale & Ocean Science Museum in Yamada
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Takashi Haga

Volume 127 - July 2017

volume 127

In this issue...

  • The first "Iwate Reconstruction for Tomorrow" Seminar of 2017
  • Iwate Prefecture is now hiring fixed-term employees for 2017
  • Construction of 985 public homes completed
  • High-quality rental housing for survivors - government authorizes new districts
  • Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Kuji City
  • Hirota Clinic completed, treatment services begin
  • Coastal Development Bureau and the Hokkaido Iburi Development Bureau sign an agreement
  • Sanriku event information
  • See the southernmost ama divers in action
  • Explore Sanriku! Goishi Coast campsite
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Eriko Totsuka of Pasona Tohoku Sosei

Volume 126 - June 2017

volume 126

In this issue...

  • Tree-planting ceremony held for the Takata-Matsubara Pine Forest
  • Completion ceremony held for town renewal and park constrution in Noda
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Ofunato attracts new business to tsunami-hit region
  • Richie Mccaw, the former New Zealand rugby captain, visits Kamaishi
  • A Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Ofunato
  • Iwaizumi elementary school kids meet the Rakuten Eagles
  • The only hill climb on the Sanriku Coast takes places in Otsuchi
  • Sanriku event information
  • North Sanriku Tatami Train 2017
  • Explore Sanriku! Kayak experience on the uninhabited Holland Island
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Ryunosuke Furudate of Akabu Sake Brewery

Volume 125 - May 2017

volume 125

In this issue...

  • Long-awaited "Abasse Takata" shopping center is now open
  • 3 new shopping facilities open near JR Ofunato Station
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Miyako Fish Market Expansion completed
  • Construction underway on Kamaishi's Unosumai Reconstruction Stadium
  • A Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Hirono
  • Reopening of the Michi-no-Eki rest stop "Iwaizumi"
  • SL Ginga on the JR Kamaishi Line: 4th year of operation
  • Come to Sanriku! Sanriku Event Information
  • Tanohata Diving Service - Now open
  • Explore Sanriku! "Purple" the Noda specialty products shop
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Ayumi Fukasawa of Sosaku Noka Cosmos

Volume 124 - April 2017

volume 124

In this issue...

  • Construction of Ofunato Port's Breakwater completed
  • Entrance ceremony held at Kamaishi East Junior High School's new building
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • The Iwate Earthquake & Tsunami Archive of Hope
  • Disaster Prevention through Education: Memories of that day
  • A Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Rikuzentakata
  • Ryusendo Cave re-opens! A beacon of hope for the reconstruction in Iwaizumi
  • Tofugaura-Kaigan Station opens on Sanriku Railway's North Rias Line
  • Come to Sanriku! Sanriku Event Information
  • Lunch and Sweets Retro Train on Sanriku Railway's South Rias Line
  • Explore Sanriku! Grand opening of the Ama-chan House
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Hirotaka Koeto of Marugoto Rikuzentakata

Volume 123 - March 15, 2017

volume 123

In this issue...

  • Six years since that day - Memorial Services Held in Kamaishi
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Construction completed on crypt for anonymous tsunami victims
  • Construction begins on Takata-Matsubara Memorial Park
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Riho Buto of Patisserie Hotaka

Volume 122 - February 15, 2017

volume 122

In this issue...

  • Iwate's largest seawall is almost complete
  • The Iwate Reconstruction Dramas
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • New restaurant facility opens in Kamaishi
  • Hokugen yuzu apple juice now on sale
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Kazuya Yoshino

Volume 121 - February 1, 2017

volume 121

In this issue...

  • The Iwate Sanriku Reconstruction Forum in Morioka/Kamaishi
  • Tsunami floodgates to be automated
  • "e! Iwate" information service app
  • Disaster-inspired art exhibition in Hanamaki
  • Young government workers present creative policies
  • Sanriku winter events

Volume 120 - January 15, 2017

volume 120

In this issue...

  • Public and private groups discuss how to revitalize local communities
  • Vol. 19 of the Iwate Reconstruction Index Report
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Aketo seawall to protect memories of the disaster
  • Donating through the Furusato Iwate Support Fund to help Iwate
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Emily Hallams

Volume 119 - December 15, 2016

volume 119

In this issue...

  • Iwate Sanriku Reconstruction Forum held in Nagano
  • New drama to spread memories of Iwate's reconstruction
  • e! Iwate mobile app
  • World Tsunami Awareness Day - Kuroshio High School Student Summit
  • An exhibition of Rikuzentakata's restored cultural assets
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Shunichi Yanashita of Iwate Kaihatsu Railway

Volume 118 - December 1, 2016

volume 118

In this issue...

  • Opening of the shopping center "All" in Yamada
  • Ryori Fisheries Association opens Hanamaki store to support the coast
  • The New Tohoku Reconstruction Awards
  • Construction of Centralized Government Offices begins in Miyako
  • Six recovering businesses collaborate on salmon tasting set
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Itsuki Chumae of Kozukata High School

Volume 117 - November 15, 2016

volume 117

In this issue...

  • Trial-planting complete, first step to recovery of Takata-Matsubara
  • Actrress Non visits Kuji and cheers on local citizens
  • Recruiting members for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Kamaishi and Airbnb form partnership
  • Iwaizumi rest stop temporarily open
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Daigo Yamazaki of Otsuchi High School

Volume 116 - November 1, 2016

volume 116

In this issue...

  • The 2016 National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities
  • 291 new public housing units to be built inland
  • Construction completed on 801 public housing units in Ofunato
  • National Taiko Festival gains support from across Japan

Volume 115 - October 15, 2016

volume 115

In this issue...

  • Iwate on display at the 2016 National Sports Festival
  • Volunteer in the Typhoon #10 Disaster Areas
  • Otsuchi Gakuen starts classes in new building
  • Setting a new world record with 1,260 pacific saury
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Mizuki Fukushi of the Yamada Specialties Market

Volume 114 - October 1, 2016

volume 114

In this issue...

  • More damage from Typhoon No. 10
  • Iwate "Bonds of Reconstruction" Concert with Ivry Gitlis
  • Donations towards damage caused by Typhoon No. 10
  • A hot air balloon even in support of the reconstruction
  • A candlelight memorial
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Yasushi Hanasaka of Ferias Kamaishi

Volume 113 - September 15, 2016

volume 113

In this issue...

  • Typhoon No. 10 - Record-breaking rainfall brings great damage to the coast
  • Land of Hope Iwate National Sports Festival - Yamada Town
  • Results from the Iwate Reconstruction Watchers Survey #2 for 2016
  • Thanking the world during the Flag Handover Ceremony
  • Donations towards damage caused by Typhoon No. 10

Volume 112 - September 1, 2016

volume 112

In this issue...

  • Governor Tasso meets the Minister of Reconstruction
  • Yamada Hospital opens
  • Land of Hope Iwate National Sports Festival - Miyako City
  • Iwate's largest public housing complex for survivors, Tochigasawa Apartments, now open
  • Tours of Holland Island in Yamada

Volume 111 - August 15, 2016

Vol 111

In this issue...

  • The Comic Train - Uniting Tohoku with comics!
  • The Relay to Tomorrow: 1000km Relay to Tokyo
  • National Sports Festival - Tanohata Village
  • Kiraumi: A new destination in Fudai
  • The Kaiwo Maru visits Miyako for the first time in 25 years
  • People of Sanriku's Future - Yuki Minegishi of the International Coastal Research Center

Volume 110 - August 1, 2016

vol 110

In this issue...

  • Kamaishi Rugby World Cup - Former NZ Rugby Star Dan Carter visits
  • Swimming season is here! Special one-day beach opening in Ofunato
  • National Sports Festival - Otsuchi Town
  • Diving service opens at Okirai Bay in Otsuchi
  • Sanriku Railway - with Stylish Attendant: A lunch and sweets train
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Yutaka Kibihara of Sanriku Komasha

Volume 109 - July 15, 2016

volume 109

In this issue...

  • Community bonds deepened at the 2016 Takata Smile Festival
  • Iwate Prefecture Now Recruiting Fixed Term Employees
  • National Sports Festival - Fudai Village
  • Aomori and Iwate Goods Shop Opens in Osaka
  • A film festival in a town with no cinema: Kamaishi Film Screening
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Urara sakurai of El Sistema Japan Otsuchi

Volume 108 - July 1, 2016

volume 108

In this issue...

  • "Iwate Reconsturction for Tomorrow" Seminar in Morioka
  • National Bull-wrestling Tournament in Kuji
  • National Sports Festival - Kamaishi
  • Faster alerts for Earthquakes and Tsunami thanks to the S-net Landing Station
  • Iwaizumi Line Rail Bike
  • Summer Festivals in Sanriku

Volume 107 - June 15, 2016

volume 107

In this issue...

  • New moisturizer from Ryusendo (Iwaizumi)
  • The 3rd Otsuchi Cup - Bay Flounder Fishing Competition
  • Land of Hope Iwate National Sports Festival - Noda Village
  • Abalone Seed Shipment begins in Ofunato
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Satoshi Kanesawa of Flower Dress

Volume 106 - June 1, 2016

volume 106

In this issue...

  • Opening of the Iwate Inland Survivor Support Center in Morioka
  • 100 yen market in Ofunato
  • Land of Hope Iwate National Sports Festival - Ofunato City
  • Senza Festival on Horai Island
  • The Scallops and Wakame Seaweed Set reaches its 1,000th sale
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Seika Utsunomiya of the Sanriku Railway

Volume 105 - May 15, 2016

volume 105

In this issue...

  • Otsuchi Hospital Now Accepting Patients
  • The Grand Opening Of Rugby Cafe Kamaishi
  • “SL Ginga” Now Runnin For the Season
  • Reopening Ceremony Held For Taro Baseball Field
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Osuka Lloyd of Kamaishi Seawaves Rugby Club

Volume 104 - May 1, 2016

volume 104

In this issue...

  • Moguranpia aquarium reopens in Kuji!
  • Namiita Coast Village of Otsuchi is now open
  • National Sports Festival Focuse: Rikuzentakata
  • Taro Kanko Hotel reopens to the public
  • The "wrapping" truck
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Yasuko Furuno of Pact

Volume 103 - April 15, 2016

volume 103

In this issue...

  • Kamaishi HS wins the "Supporters' Prize - Award of Excellence"
  • Results from the Iwate Reconstruction Watchers Survey #1 from 2016
  • National Sports Festival Focus : Hirono Town
  • Reopening ceremony for the Ofunato Station area
  • Construction completed on Otsuchi's new fire station
  • Events for spring in Sanriku

Volume 102 - March 15, 2016

volume 102

In this issue...

  • Iwate and Ofunato's Joint Memorial Service
  • Iwate Study Fund of Hope wins the Hometown Tax Future Prize
  • The first graduation ceremony in Takata HS's new building
  • A heart-warming message for new graduates at Kuji Station, Sanriku Railway
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Yuta Kanno of Otsuchi Ringakusha Collaboration School

Volume 101 - February 15, 2016

volume 101

In this issue...

  • The Land of Hope National Winter Sports Festival in Iwate!
  • Kamaishi High School gets into the Nat'l HS Baseball Tournament
  • NHK Drama set in Ofunato!
  • Otsuchi Thanksgiving Day
  • Ama-chan train ending in March
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Ai Kaneda of Arrow Links

Volume 100 - February 1, 2016

vol 100

In this issue...

  • NHK Figure Skating Exhibition in Morioka
  • Iwate-Sanriku Reconstruction Forum in Morioka
  • "Pieces of the Future" - a short film about the coast
  • Kuji Underground Aquarium Moguranpia reopens after 5 years!
  • Winter Events

Volume 99 - January 15, 2016

vol 99

In this issue...

  • New sections open on the Tohoku Odan Expressway between Kamaishi and Akita
  • The Iwate-Sanriku Reconstruction Forum in Shizuoka
  • e!Iwate information app
  • Miffy-themed Cafe opens in Kamaishi
  • Construction finishes on the Omoto Tsunami Preparedness Center
  • People of Sanriku's Future: Akihiro Kumagai of Kanda Vineyard

Volume 98 - December 15, 2015

volume 98

In this issue...

  • Iwate Festa in MEGA WEB (Tokyo)
  • Vol. 16 of the Iwate Reconstruction Index
  • The birth of a new town - grand opening ceremony in Taro, Miyako
  • Yoshihama road along the Sanriku Coast opens
  • Short film to be made bsed on elementary schooler's essay
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Chinami Ogasawara of Miyagi Construction Co.

Volume 97 - December 1, 2015

volume 97

In this issue...

  • Iwate Reconstruction Report in Taipei
  • ENERGY Support Service
  • Recruiting for the Iwate Reconstruction Supporters Team!
  • Rikuzentakata's first city marathon since the disaster
  • The Miyako-Muroran Short Ferry Cruise
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Hiromitsu Nakamura of KAMAROQ

Volume 96 - November 15, 2015

volume 96

In this issue..

  • On-site reconstruction tour for local residents
  • Otsuchi Gakuen students write messages on their new school building
  • The return of two well-loved festivals
  • Oyster season is here at last!
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Eri Ishizaki of Art Eriy's

Volume 95 - November 1, 2015

volume 95

In this issue...

  • The Reconstruction Minister and Parliamentary Vice-Minister visit Iwate
  • Rugby Ambassadors in Kamaishi
  • Playing in harmony: East Japan Aid Concert 2015
  • Ofunato's Reconstruction Tohoku Sandai Festival
  • People for Sanriku's Future - Kenta Shimizu of Rikuzentakata Bababa TV

Volume 94 - October 15, 2015

volume 94

In this issue...

  • An opinion exchange on the reconstruction with local youth
  • Results from the Reconstruction Watcher's Survey
  • A new direct bus service from Miyako to Kamaishi
  • High school girl decorates a temporary housing building with heart designs
  • The first oyster shipment ceremony since the disaster
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Rina Shimomukai of Nonnori Noda

Volume 93 - October 1, 2015

volume 93

In this issue...

  • An on-site reconstruction tour for students
  • Vol. 15 of the Iwate Reconstruction Index Report
  • Local fishermen team up with Sanriku Railway to promote wakame seaweed
  • University students build a produce stand in Miyako
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Kei Nakano of NPO wiz

Volume 92 - September 15, 2015

volume 92 top

In this issue...

  • The 4th Tohoku Geopark Forum
  • The Sanriku Food Court in KAMAISHI & B-1 Grand Prix!
  • Direct Bus Service Between Miyako and Kamaishi
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Rieko Hiradate

Volume 91 - September 1, 2015

volume 91 iwate reconstruction

In this issue...

  • Tanohata's Coming of Age Ceremony
  • Opening a time capsule with dreams of the future
  • Memorial fireworks up and down the coast
  • Kamaishi Port handles a record number of shipping containers
  • e! Iwate information app
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Yuichi Kuwano

Volume 90 - August 15, 2015

volume 90 top

In this issue...

  • The first on-site reconstruction tour of 2015
  • Governor Tasso visits Germany
  • Pacific saury season starts!
  • The 22nd Kamaishi Hamayuri International Triathlon
  • Summer festivals in Rikuzentakata City
  • Big fall events

Volume 89 - August 1, 2015

volume 89

In this issue...

  • Swimming season begins on the coast
  • A temporary shopping center is made permanent
  • 2015 subsidy for solar energy installation in disaster-affected homes
  • Junior high students get hands-on experience at road construction site
  • U.S.-Japan high school students summit in Rikuzentakata
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Kagumi Ogasawara

Volume 88 - July 15, 2015

volume 88

In this issue...

  • Diving performances by the Ama of Kosode
  • The Furusato Tax re-established in Rikuzentakata
  • Groundbreaking ceremony for a Yamada children's center
  • Exchange between Otsuchi and Taiwanese high schoolers
  • Big summertime events!

Volume 87 - July 1, 2015

volume 87

In this issue...

  • Alumni Reunion of the Iwate Reconstruction Support Dispatch Workers Program
  • Examining the Data in Vol. 14 of the Iwate Reconstruction Index Report
  • Omoto Elementary School Sixth Grade Students Promoting Local Products
  • Reconstruction Work Begins on Benten Shrine a.k.a. Hyotan Island
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Kazuki Hirota

Volume 86 - June 15, 2015

volume 86

In this issue...

  • Information seminar on reconstruction jobs held in Tokyo
  • The first "Iwate Reconstruction for Tomorrow" seminar
  • The grand opening of a hotel in Taro, Miyako
  • Kesen junior high students try on yukata
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Yuki Kumagai

Volume 85 - June 1, 2015

volume 85

In this issue...

  • Kamaishi's Hashino Industrial Site to be designated as a World Heritage
  • Now recruiting workers for our reconstruction!
  • A reconstruction festival for the Tsukuehama Fishing Village and Sappa Boat Adventure tours
  • A Tohoku Smile Day held at a Rakuten Eagles baseball game
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Ryota Anjo

Volume 84 - May 15, 2015

kiddy ama dancing volume 84

In this issue...

  • The Kosode Ama Center re-opens in Kuji City
  • The SL Ginga Train opens its doors
  • Oysters and more at the Sanriku-Yamada festival
  • Shrine festival in Ofunato revived after 8 years
  • Sanriku Tourism Support Bus Tours
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Aoi Yokoyama

Volume 83 - May 1, 2015

volume 83

In this issue...

  • Takata High School's first entrance ceremony in 5 years
  • Renovations to 5,000 temporary units
  • Info on grants for new coastal businesses
  • Toyota's charity concert in Morioka
  • Otsuchi's Gourmet Grand Prix festival
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Ryusei Numazaki

Volume 82 - April 15, 2015

volume 82 top

In this issue...

  • UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Iwate Reconstruction Watcher's Survey
  • The 3/11 Logistics Support Museum in Tono
  • Yamada's Urban Revitalization Plan
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Keiko Ogasawara

Volume 81 - March 15, 2015

volume 81

In this issue...

  • A joint memorial ceremony for March 11 by Iwate and Noda
  • Restoration begins on the JR Yamada Line
  • Kamaishi becomes the 2019 host of the Rugby World Cup
  • People for Sanriku's Future: Masataka Kawamura

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