Senior high school


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There are a variety of high schools within Iwate: prefectural, municipal, private, as well as vocational schools in the fields of commerce, technology, and agriculture. To enter any of Iwate’s high schools children must pass an entrance exam.

Application criteria

  1. Child must be at least 15 by April 2 of the year of intended school entrance
  2. Child must have completed or be expected to complete their junior high school education, or have completed or be expected to complete 9 years of school education overseas


Application - 2,200 yen
Entrance - 5,650 yen
Tuition - 9,900 yen a month
Building fee - 700 yen a month
(The above figures are for day-time (or full-time) prefectural high schools.)

For further details please contact the Office of School Education of the Prefectural Board of Education (Phone: 019-629-6141); for private schools contact the school directly.


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