The population and economy of Iwate


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Iwate's population (demographic shifts from month to month, as of October 1, 2013)


Population: 1,294,453

The population remained at the 1.4 million mark from 1978 until 2004, when it started to decline. In 2013, Iwate’s population numbered around 1.3 million people.

Households: 515,499 (in Japan, households can consist of families, couples, or single people)

The number of households in Iwate continues to slowly creep upwards, and in 2008 that number rose above 500,000 households. However, the households themselves are shrinking, with the average number of people within households declining steadily.

Iwate's economy (Citizen's Economic Report 2011)

Prefectural gross product

  •  Nominal: 4.1797 trillion yen
  •  National share: 0.88%
  •  Real: 4.4937 trillion yen

Economic growth rate

  •  Nominal: 0.8%
  •  Real: 2.5%

Our economy is growing due to a rise in public investment and private demand for recovery projects like building construction and the reconstruction effort.


Income per capita

2,359,000 yen
(86.9% of the national average income per capita)
(Note) Income per capita for Iwate is calculated by totaling income gained by prefectural residents and businesses and dividing it by population.

Industry structure

You can break down our nominal prefectural gross product into the following industry structure: 3.4% of our product is from the primary industry (agriculture, forestry, and fisheries), 21.8% is gained from secondary industry (mining, manufacturing, construction), and 74.3% from tertiary industry.
(Note) Taken from the economic activity breakdown from the Citizen’s Economic Report


Employment breakdown by industry

Employment can be broken down as follows: 13.8% are employed by primary industry, 24.1% by secondary industry, and 62.1% by tertiary industry.
(Note) Taken from the economic activity breakdown from the Citizen’s Economic Report


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