National pension (国民年金, kokumin nenkin)


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All adults of 20-59 years of age residing in Japan are required to join the national pension scheme. (Members of the employee’s pension insurance scheme and their dependent spouses are automatically deemed to have joined into the pension scheme, and are not required to make any extra contributions to the national pension scheme. However, dependents must register separately.)

Applications to join and receive pension payments are dealt with by the pension division of your local municipal office (you will need your name seal (hanko or inkan) to complete paperwork). You will be issued with a pension book. Pension divisions may be called 国民年金担当 (kokumin nenkin tantou). Please refer to a list here.

Base monthly welfare pension contribution

16,490 yen (as of 2017)
Exceptions may be made for persons with low incomes or financial difficulties.
This is not applicable to members of the employee's pension scheme and their dependent spouses.

Pension contributions can be paid in a number of different ways, including with cash, bank transfer, and payment at convenience stores. Please inquire with your specific municipality for details.

Please note: All inquiries regarding Japan’s pension system should be referred to Japan’s Pension Office. Their English homepage can be found here.


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