Pension system


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pension booklet
Pension book (年金手帳, nenkin techou)

Japan's public pension system exists to ensure the continued stability of life for elderly people and others who can no longer work through the contributions of all working people. By entering into the pension system as a young person and continuing to pay the insurance premiums, you can receive a pension when you reach the age of retirement, if you are injured or disabled, or if your family's breadwinner passes away.

There are two types of pensions: the employee’s pension insurance (厚生年金保険, kousei nenkin hoken), and the national pension for the self-employed and students (国民年金, kokumin nenkin), etc. Foreign nationals residing in Japan may also join the pension scheme.

Once enrolled, you will receive a small pension booklet with 年金 (nenkin) on the cover. This booklet will be needed when you apply for benefits or for the Lump-sum withdrawal payments, so please keep it safe.

Please note: All inquiries regarding Japan’s pension system should be referred to Japan’s Pension Office. Their English homepage can be found here.


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