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There are police stations scattered all throughout Iwate, called 交番, kouban/koban, or police box. Be familiar with the police box nearest to your residence so that if you are the victim of a crime you can go there. You will have to fill out a police report so bring a Japanese speaker if you can.

Always remember to keep your Residence Card (在留カード, zairyuu kaado) on you at all times: it is within the rights of the police to ask you for identification at any time.

Tips for Staying Safe

You may one day become the victim of a crime. Here is some advice on things to watch out for.

Watch out for bicycle theft

A third of all of the thefts in Iwate in 2011 were bicycle thefts. Always lock your bicycle, even if you’re just making a “quick stop.”

Be careful of car break-ins

There were 375 reports of vehicle break-ins in 2011. Always lock your door and never leave valuables inside of your car.

Bag/purse snatchers are on the prowl

A bag could be snatched anywhere in town. It’s also common for thieves on motor bikes to snatch bags from pedestrians. Always wear your bag across the chest facing away from the street. When placing your bag in your bike basket, you can place a net on top to deter thieves.

Women, stay alert

Criminals could be waiting for you to let your guard down. Always keep alert to your surroundings, and don’t get distracted by talking on the phone.

Don’t forget to lock your doors

Always lock up your house, bike, and car.


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