Other Emergencies (lost passport and more)


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Losing a passport

  1. Report it lost to the nearest police box by submitting a Lost Item Report (遺失届出証明書, ishitsu todokede shoumeisho).
  2. Contact your country’s embassy for information on procedures to get a new passport. You will need the report number from the Lost Item Report, so please keep a copy for your records.

Losing your residence card or permanent resident certificate

  1. Someone may use the personal information written on these cards for criminal activity, so please report them as lost as soon as you can by going to the nearest police box.
  2. For a lost residence card: Within 14 days of the loss, please visit your nearest Immigration Office to get it reissued. For Iwate, that office is near Morioka Station in the #2 Morioka Government Building.
  1. For lost permanent resident certificate: Within 14 days, please visit the city or town hall of your municipality to get it reissued.

Losing your bank card

  1. Someone may be able to access your bank account with this card, so report the card as lost as soon as possible.
  2. Call your bank to halt all activity on your account.

Losing other things

  1. Visit your nearest police box to ask about the item. If you lost an item on a train or bus, you can inquire directly with the train/bus company in question. All lost items that are returned to the police station will be kept track of at the central authority.
  2. If you do not claim your item within 3 months, it will become the possession of the person who turned it in.


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