Southern area of Iwate

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Sobe's Cafe

Restaurants that caters to vegans

picture of meal

A vegan restaurant opened in 2007 with a focus on home-grown brown rice. Halal and traditional Buddhist vegan meals are available, no prior reservation required. The desire for people from all walks of life to share the same dining table has led them to overcome the barriers across various religions.
Meal options include eel rice bowl set made from plant based ingredients, tomato and cheese hamburg steak, vegetarian chicken nanban and green soup with brown rice noodles. Drinks and desserts include tiramisu, seasonal tarts and parfaits made with tofu. 15 minutes from Shin-Hanamaki Station by car.

[Address] 578-4 Yamanokami, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

[telephone number] 0198-24-7107

[Business hours] 11am to 5pm(430pm L.O.)

[Closed] Mondays, summer season, new year holidays

Restaurants, Free-Wi-Fi, Credit Cards accepted

Kuramoto Restaurant Sekino-Ichi

Restaurants that caters to vegetarians

picture of Mochizen

The restaurant is managed by a 105-year-old sake brewery. Make a reservation at least three days in advance to enjoy the local traditional "Mochi cuisine" and wheat dumpling stew "Hatto", substituted with vegetarian ingredients. They also brew their own sake and craft beer to enjoy together with your meal. 5 minutes from Ichinoseki Station by car.


[Address] 5-42 Tamura-cho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture

[telephone number] 0191-21-1144

[Business hours] 11am to 3pm

[Closed] Irregular

Reservations required, Restaurants, Free Wi-Fi, Credit Cards accepted


Saikado Co., Ltd.

Restaurants that caters to vegetarians

picture of zundamochi

A manufacturer that produces a wide range of confectionery including Zunda mochi; a rice cake made of mashed edamame and red bean paste, a specialty of the southern Tohoku region. Available at souvenir stores in major stations. 10 minutes from Ichinoseki Station by car.


[Address] 19-1 Nabekura, Hagisho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture

[telephone number] 0191-23-3105

[Business hours] 830am to 530pm

[Closed] Saturdays and Sundays




商工労働観光部 観光・プロモーション室 国際観光担当
〒020-8570 岩手県盛岡市内丸10-1
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