Joint Message from Tohoku Region and Niigata Prefecture

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Joint Message from Tohoku Region and Niigata Prefecture

on Preventing the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

~Working together to protect our regions ~

 Since the state of emergency was declared across all prefectures on April 16, there has been a decrease in the number of new coronavirus cases in our regions due to thorough prevention measures such as self-restraint from outings. We would like to thank all residents and business owners for their understanding and cooperation.
 However, taking into account the current number of infections across the nation, the state of emergency has been extended until May 31 and the situation remains highly unpredictable.
 There are regions which have eased restrictions on the use of facilities, but in the event that the virus spreads again, we will reestablish thorough countermeasures. In order to prevent a second wave of infection and the collapse of the health care system, we continue to strongly request the cooperation of all residents with the following points. Tohoku Region and Niigata Prefecture would like to show our appreciation of and support for medical staff and essential workers, and we will continue to work together to bring about an end to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

1 Continued Self-restraint From Travel Between Prefectures

 Please refrain from non-essential travel between prefectures, within the Tohoku Region/Niigata Prefecture, as well as to Kanto, Kansai and other regions. In addition, please continue to refrain from visiting dine-in restaurants and other establishments located in busy shopping districts.

2 Establishing a New Lifestyle

 Please thoroughly implement a new lifestyle to prevent the spread of infection, including avoiding the “three C’s”(closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings), washing hands, wearing masks, practicing social distancing and taking measures to decrease the amount of contact between individuals such as working from home and staggered working hours.

May 8, 2020

Governor of Aomori Prefecture MIMURA Shingo
Governor of Iwate Prefecture TASSO Takuya
Governor of Miyagi Prefecture MURAI Yoshihiro
Governor of Akita Prefecture SATAKE Norihisa
Governor of Yamagata Prefecture YOSHIMURA Mieko
Governor of Fukushima Prefecture UCHIBORI Masao
Governor of Niigata Prefecture HANAZUMI Hideyo
Mayor of Sendai City KOHRI Kazuko
Mayor of Niigata City NAKAHARA Yaichi

*Courtesy of Miyagi Prefecture, this message has been translated into Simple Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali. These versions are available below.


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