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First off, Japanese hospitals can only accept patients during their stated hours. Emergencies will be sent to a dedicated emergency center, but less serious issues should be taken care of during normal hours. There are certain hospitals “on duty” during weekends that can be found here. (JPN only) If you have a sudden fever or injury you will be able to treated outside of normal hours at a hospital with an emergency center, but we recommend that, for most issues, you wait for normal hours.

If you are facing a medical emergency, call 119 (click here for more info).

Most hospitals and clinics have hours in the morning and afternoons on weekdays, with a break for lunch. Hours on Saturday mornings are common, but these will be crowded with people who can’t go during the week. Sundays are usually closed. To be seen quickly, try to get to the office right as it opens.

This is a typical schedule for a doctor’s office:

consultation hours for doctors

Can I make an appointment?

Appointments are rare. Usually doctors will see you on a first-come, first-serve system. You should try to go early and factor in plenty of time for waiting.

On the other hand, dentists tend to require appointments. Check online or make a call to the clinic in question to find out what system they have. Look for “Appointments required” (予約制, yoyakusei, or 要予約, youyoyaku).


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