Police Station List for Kamaishi


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This is a list of police stations and police boxes in Kamaishi. Police stations (警察署, keisatsusho) are large hubs for police activity, while police boxes or police substations (交番 or 駐在所, kouban or chuuzaisho) are small offices located in residential areas. When you run into trouble, you can go to your nearest police box for help.

Click here for a map of police stations in Kamaishi.

Police Station List for Kamaishi City and Otsuchi Town
Name Name in Japanese Phone Address Address in Roman Letters Google Maps
Kamaishi Police Station 釜石警察署 0193-25-0110 釜石市八雲町3番1号旧釜石第二中学校校庭 Kamaishi-shi, Yagumo-cho, 3-1 Kyuu-Kamaishi Daini Chugakkou Koutei (within the grounds of Kamaishi #2 middle school) https://goo.gl/maps/RRyV9
Kamaishi Station Police Box 釜石駅前交番 0193-22-3036 釜石市鈴子町1番13号 Kamaishi-shi, Suzuko-cho, 1-13 https://goo.gl/maps/6enIH
Kosano Police Box 小佐野交番 0193-23-5149 釜石市小佐野町四丁目1番44号 Kamaishi-shi, Kosano-cho, 4-1-44 https://goo.gl/maps/9ObI3
Otsuchi Police Box 大槌交番 0193-42-3130 上閉伊郡大槌町上町1番3号 Kamihei-gun, Otsuchi-cho, Kami-cho 1-3 https://goo.gl/maps/QZ1rS
Hirata Police Box 平田駐在所   流失 (連絡先 釜石駅前) Closed (contact Kamaishi Station Police Box)  
Kasshi Police Box 甲子駐在所 0193-23-5142 釜石市甲子町第10地割3番地1 Kamaishi-shi, Kasshi-cho, 10-3-1 https://goo.gl/maps/nPWoy
Unosumai Police Box 鵜住居駐在所   流失 (連絡先 大槌交番) Closed (contact Otsuchi Police Box)  
Hashino Police Box 橋野駐在所 0193-57-2110 釜石市橋野町第35地割62番地63 Kamaishi-shi, Hashino-cho, 35-62-63 https://goo.gl/maps/tbMK2
Toni Police Box 唐丹駐在所 0193-55-2110 釜石市唐丹町字小白浜49番地1 Kamaishi-shi, Toni-cho, Kojirahama 49-1 https://goo.gl/maps/8b3vH
Kirikiri Police Box 吉里吉里駐在所   流失 (連絡先 大槌交番) Closed (contact Otsuchi Police Box)  
Kanezawa Police Box 金沢駐在所 0193-46-2020 上閉伊郡大槌町金沢第27地割56番地2 Kamihei-gun, Otsuchi-cho, Kanezawa 27-56-2 https://goo.gl/maps/dSZtD


Office of International Affairs, Department of Homeland Promotion
(020-8570) 10-1 Uchimaru, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, JAPAN
Phone number:019-629-5765 Facsimile:019-629-5254
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