4) A wonderful place for research, and a comfortable lifestyle


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Tohoku is blessed with beautiful natural surroundings and abundant agriculture, and our people represent the spirit of hospitality. The middle picture is the Ishiwarizakura, which means “Rock Splitting Cherry Tree” and is located in Morioka City. The tree has been growing out of a crack in a rock for centuries, and is a symbol of Iwate’s indomitable spirit. The bottom left picture is our famed Maesawa Beef, which is raised in Oshu City near the candidate site. On the bottom right is a beautiful scenic spot in Ichinoseki City called “Geibikei.” We believe that ILC researchers will be able to do fulfilling research and lead a comfortable life with their families in Tohoku. Furthermore, there are currently 43,000 foreign residents in the Tohoku region, with many regional international associations that support their lives in Japan.

The people of Iwate are friendly and hospitable, and enjoy their lives at a more relaxed pace than that of the big city. Along the Shinkansen line are many urban centers with shopping and entertainment to be found, and there is a wealth of outdoor activities during the entire year. Enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring, barbeques and swimming in the summer, mountain climbing in the fall, and skiing and hot springs in the winter. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by mountains and nature. And if you find yourself missing the big city life, you can hop on a train and get to Sendai in an hour, and Tokyo in about 2 hours.

If the ILC is sited in Tohoku, the rural location in Iwate is perfect for developing an international research center exactly to its desired specifications.


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