Iwate Prefectural Miyako Hospital/岩手県立宮古病院

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For those who request medical care at the Iwate Prefectural Miyako Hospital

Operation Hours:

♦ For emergencies:

  Hours Window
Weekends From 8;00 A.M. to 5;15 P.M. General
Nights From 5;15 P.M. to 8;00 A.M. Emergency

*Please call 119 if you need ambulance assistance.


♦ For regular walk-in visits: (daytime on weekdays only)

  Hours: From 8;00 A.M. to 11;30 A.M.

   (Business hours may differ depending on the clinical department. Please check the

    hospital’s website for more details.)

  Check in: General registration window


Regarding Payment:

 Payments can be made in: Cash, Credit Card, or with Travel Insurance

 (Acceptable credit cards: JCB, American Express, VISA, Master Card)


Contact information for questions or concerns:

  Address: 1-chiwari 11-26, Sakikuwagasaki, Miyako-shi (Postal code: 027-0096)

  tel: 0193-62-4011




From Kawai/Moichi/Yamada From Omoto/Taro

 Take the bus route to Omoto/Taro area from Miyako Station and get off at the "Miyako-byoin-mae"bus stop.

 (Approx.15 min)

By Bus:

 Take the bus route to the Miyako Station and get off at the "Miyako-byoin-mae"bus stop.(Approx.15 min)


By Sanriku Railway:

 After getting off at the Miyako Station,take the bus to the Omoto/Taro area.


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医療局 経営管理課 企画担当
〒020-0023 岩手県盛岡市内丸11-1
電話番号:019-629-6348(内線番号:6348) ファクス番号:019-629-6319