Free PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing

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Latest Information

  • Free PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing for the general public has been extended until October 30th.
  • Free testing for the purpose of utilizing the Vaccine Testing Package ended on August 31st
  • The free testing for utilizing the Vaccine Testing Package is available for those who have had their booster shot, or those who have not, but currently, this is limited to those who require a test to interact with the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. In following this, the application form has changed. (March 30th 2022) 

Important Notes

  • Anyone who does not show symptoms such as coughing and fever is eligible.
    If you are found to have hidden your symptoms to get a free test, in following with the guidelines, you may be invoiced the full cost of the test.
  • Anyone who is a close contact, or suspected of being a close contact is not eligible.
  • Anyone who is asked to be tested under instruction of their school or workplace is not eligible.

Anyone who needs proof of a negative test to go to restaurants, events, travel or to travel back home.

Anyone who is asymptomatic but is concerned that they have the virus.

If you are a resident of Iwate and your reason matches any of the above, you are eligible for free testing.


Testing Process

  1. Choosing a testing location (prior reservation preferred)
  2. Arriving at the testing location, filling out application form, be tested (sample collection)
  3. Analyzing sample
  4. Receive results from the testing center

Important Notes

  • Rapid antigen results are given on the same day (valid from the test day (= day of sample collection) + 1 day)
  • PCR test results will be sent out at a later day by mail (valid from the day the sample was collected + 3 days)

Cost of the Test

Im principle, the test is free. (Until October 30th 2022)

Important: This does not include any transportation or accommodation costs.

Testing Methods

Rapid antigen testing or PCR test.

In principle, testing for proof of negative test will be a rapid antigen test.

Important Notes

You must bring identification when going to be tested.
Forms of identification include government issued identification such as drivers licence, My Number cards, or student identification cards and health insurance cards.

  • Please choose the test you would like to take (depending on the test location, you may not have an option)
  • Please check testing methods prior to arrival as the available testing methods differ by location.

Testing Positive

If you test positive, the testing location will directly contact you. Please promptly call the diagnosis consultation center. There is a possibility that the testing center will call your local public health center on your behalf.

Testing Locations

Free tests are available in any of the registered locations in Iwate.
Please fill in the application form prior to arrival, or upon arrival. (Filling in the application form prior to arrival will ensure a smooth testing process)

Important Notes

  • If companies in the event, restaurant and travel industries are offering free testing i norder to provide their services, please reach out to the company directly.
  • Please refer to the list of companies offering this service for more details.

List of Testing Locations

Number District Testing Location Name Address Phone Number Start of Testing Operations PCR Test Rapid Antigen Test
1 Morioka Morioka City Designated PCR Testing Center
Please access the above URL to check reservation status.
Plaza 1F, 1-10 Nakanohashi, Morioka City 03-4333-1640 2021年12月22日 Y Y
2 Morioka Style Pharmacy 3-6-2 Aoyama, Morioka City 019-646-5757 2021年12月22日   Y
3 Morioka Senbokuchozai Pharmacy 3-13-22 Semboku, Morioka City 019-635-0330 2021年12月22日 Y Y
4 Morioka Nagomi Pharmacy 1-18-26 Kamido, Morioka City 019-648-0753 2021年12月22日 Y Y
5 Morioka Poplar Pharmacy 27-42 Nasukawa-cho, Morioka City 019-652-2793 2021年12月22日 Y Y
6 Morioka Welcia Pharmacy Moriokanagai Store 22-37-1 Nagai, Morioka City 019-637-5557 2021年12月22日 Y Y
7 Morioka Welcia Pharmacy Nishimatsuzono Store 4-20-1 Nishimatsuzono, Morioka City 019-663-6100 2021年12月22日 Y Y
8 Morioka Welcia Pharmacy Morioka Zenkunen Store 3-6-26 Zenkunen, Morioka City 019-641-5811 2021年12月22日 Y Y
9 Morioka Welcia Pharmacy Morioka Motomiya Store
Rapid antigen testing:
PCR testing:
Testing reservations can be made through the links above
6-1-65 Motomiya Morioka City 019-636-1008 2021年12月22日 Y Y
10 Morioka Welcia Pharmacy Honcho-dori Store 2-13-8 Honcho-dori, Morioka City 019-604-7383 2021年12月22日 Y Y
11 Morioka Sumire Pharmacy 2-18-57 Nishi-Aoyama, Morioka City 019-645-2311 2021年12月22日 Y Y
12 Morioka Lead Pharmacy 1-3-10 Ueda, Morioka City 019-622-9700 2021年12月24日 Y Y
13 Morioka Craft Pharmacy Morioka Aoyama Store 1-20-42 Aoyama, Morioka City 019-641-9001 2022年1月18日   Y
14 Morioka Kusuri no Aoki Morioka Nakano Store 1-27-23 Nakano, Morioka City 019-601-6608 2022年1月18日 Y Y
15 Morioka Kusuri no Aoki Tsushida Store 2-3-60 Tsushidacho, Morioka City 019-656-6832 2022年1月18日 Y Y
16 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Ueda Store 1-3-6 Ueda, Morioka City 019-621-7268 2022年1月18日 Y Y
17 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Malios Store Malios 5F, 2-9-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka City 019-621-5200 2022年1月18日 Y Y
18 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Sanbonyanagi Store 5-28-2, Sanbonyanagi, Morioka City 019-614-3080 2022年1月18日 Y Y
19 Morioka

Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Morioka Tsushida-nishi Store


2-2-15 Tsushida-nishi, Morioka City 019-639-4268 2022年1月18日 Y Y
20 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Morioka Odatecho Store 18-3 Odate-cho, Morioka City 019-643-2681 2022年1月18日 Y Y
21 Morioka

Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Morioka Mukainakano Store

Rapid antigen testing suspended until further notice.

5-29-38 Mukainakano, Morioka City 019-656-5260 2022年1月18日 Y Y
22 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Morioka Tsushida-chuo Store 2-17-33 Tsushida-chuo, Morioka City 019-637-9100 2022年1月18日 Y Y
23 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Morioka Nishimirumae Store 14-149 Nishimirumae, Morioka City 019-637-5696 2022年1月18日 Y Y
24 Morioka Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Morioka Seinan Store 21-2, Mukainakano Hosoyachi, Morioka City 019-656-9685 2022年1月18日 Y Y
25 Morioka Matsuzono First Hospital 3-2-1 Higashikuroishino, Morioka City 019-662-6111 2022年1月18日 Y  
26 Morioka Matsuzono Second Hospital 3-22-3 Nishimatsuzono, Morioka City 019-662-0100 2022年1月18日 Y Y
27 Morioka Azami Pharmacy 8-20-4 Higashimirumae, Morioka City 019-639-8706 2022年1月24日   Y
28 Central Prefecture Takizawa Pharmacy 1-303 Ukai-kitsunehora, Takizawa City 019-687-5711 2021年12月22日 Y Y
29 Central Prefecture Doremi Pharmacy 1010-2 Makinobayashi, Takizawa City 019-699-1234 2022年2月15日   Y
30 Central Prefecture Yakuodo Iwate Medical University Pharmacy 2-7-7, Idai-dori, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-601-2295 2021年12月28日 Y Y
31 Central Prefecture Yakuodo Yahaba Pharmacy 7-445, Minamiyahaba, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-698-2131 2021年12月28日 Y Y
32 Central Prefecture Yakuodo Nishi-Tokuda Pharmacy 6-144, Nishitokuda, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-681-7361 2021年12月28日   Y
33 Central Prefecture Shirakaba Pharmacy 11-11-21 Tairadate, Hachimantai City 0195-74-3363 2022年1月21日   Y
34 Central Prefecture Try Pharmacy 37-103-6 Dendo, Hachimantai City 0195-78-8224 2022年2月1日 Y Y
35 Central Prefecture Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Shiwa Store 183-1 Daibo Kosuiji, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-672-6568 2022年1月18日 Y Y
36 Central Prefecture Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Shiwa Minami Store 40-1 Dainichido, Kitahizume, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-681-3711 2022年1月18日 Y Y
37 Central Prefecture Ohshuku Onsen Hospital 32-268 Minamihata, Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate-gun 019-681-1133 2022年1月20日 Y Y
38 Central Prefecture Family Pharmacy 121-7 Shimomarumori Hizume, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-671-1195 2022年1月24日 Y Y
39 Central Prefecture Nihonchozai Iwate Medical University Pharmacy 2-1-12 Imatori, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun 019-601-3116 2022年1月25日 Y Y
40 Central Prefecture Nihonchozai Kuzumaki Pharmacy 12-54-1, Kuzumaki-cho, Iwate-gun 0195-67-1700 2022年1月25日 Y Y
41 Central Prefecture Smile Pharmacy 21-79-1, Obuke, Hachimantai City 0195-75-2871 2022年2月15日   Y
42 Central Sakuradai Pharmacy 2-13-11 Sakuradai, Hanamaki City 0198-21-5036 2021年12月22日 Y Y
43 Central Welcia Pharmacy Hanamaki Minamikawara Store 126-1 Minamikawaracho, Hanamaki City 0198-21-3015 2021年12月22日 Y Y
44 Central Welcia Pharmacy Kitakami Sakura-dori 1-1-34 Sakura-dori, Kitakami City 0197-63-6980 2021年12月22日 Y Y
45 Central Nishiwaga Sumire Pharmacy 13-3-22 Sawauchi-Ono, Nishiwaga-cho, Waga-gun 0197-72-6688 2021年12月22日 Y Y
46 Central Yakuodo Kitakami SP Pharmacy 3-13-7 Kunenbashi, Kitakami City 0197-72-5210 2021年12月28日 Y Y
47 Central Sakura Pharmacy Kitakami Murasakino Store 17-170-2, Murasakino, Kitakami City 0197-81-4545 2022年1月18日   Y
48 Central First Chozai Pharmacy Kitakami Saisekikai Hospital Store 3-18-15 Kunenbashi, Kitakami City 0197-61-2838 2022年1月18日   Y
49 Central Towa Pharmacy 6-142-2, Anhyo, Towa-cho, Hanamaki City 0198-42-4370 2022年2月1日   Y
50 Central Kusuri no Aoki Odori Pharmacy 178-3 Shimokita Man-chome, Hanamaki City 0198-41-5224 2022年1月18日 Y Y
51 Central Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Otsutsumi Store 1-1-24 Otsutsumiminami, Kitakami City 0197-67-6324 2022年1月18日 Y Y
52 Central Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Nishi-Odori Store 2-1-25 Nishi-Odori, Hanamaki City 0198-24-1015 2022年1月18日 Y Y
53 Central Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Hanamaki Otayacho Store 4-16 Otayacho, Hanamaki City 0198-21-3110 2022年1月18日 Y Y
54 Central Yuguchi Pharmacy 45-11 Shimonakano, Enmanji, Hanamaki City 0198-38-1300 2022年1月24日 Y Y
55 Central Hayase Pharmacy 2-28 Zaimokucho, Tono City 0198-63-2155 2022年2月15日   Y
56 Central Ain Pharmacy Tono Store 14-41-1 Shiraiwa, Matsuzaki-cho, Tono City 0198-66-3100 2022年2月15日   Y
57 Central Tsukushi Pharmacy Tono Hospital Front Store 15-13-11 Shiraiwa, Matsuzaki-cho, Tono City 0198-66-3300 2022年2月21日   Y
58 Central Moriguchi Hospital 2-25 Zaimokucho, Tono City 0198-63-2170 2022年3月1日 Y Y
59 Oshu Welcia Pharmacy Oshu Esashi Store 1-4-10 Esashi Yokamachi, Oshu City 0197-35-5192 2021年12月22日 Y Y
60 Oshu Welcia Pharmacy Mizusawa Sakurayashiki 291-1 Mizusawa Sakurayashiki, Oshu City 0197-24-8121 2021年12月22日 Y Y
61 Oshu Ichigo Pharmacy 55 Mizusawa Nakamachi, Oshu City 0197-51-1515 2021年12月27日 Y Y
62 Oshu Kusuri no Aoki Higashinaka-dori Pharmacy 2-5-24 Mizusawa Higashinaka-dori, Oshu City 0197-34-3012 2022年1月18日 Y Y
63 Oshu Kusuri no Aoki Taihin-dori Pharmacy 2-5-2 Mizusawa Tainichi-dori, Oshu City 0197-34-3226 2022年1月18日 Y Y
64 Oshu Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Esashi Store 8-10 Esashi Nishi Odori, Oshu City 0197-35-7377 2022年1月18日 Y Y
65 Oshu Hada Chozai Pharmacy 11 Kubo, Mizusawa Haneda-cho, Oshu City 0197-47-4561 2022年1月20日 Y Y
66 Ichinoseki Aoba-no-Mori Pharmacy Ichinoseki 6-31 Ishibatake, Ichinoseki City 0191-31-4510 2021年12月22日   Y
67 Ichinoseki Yakuodo Yamame Pharmacy 52-1 Nakano, Yamanome, Ichinoseki City 0191-33-1185 2021年12月28日 Y Y
68 Ichinoseki Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Ichinoseki Yamame Store 86-1 Dorota, Yamanome, Ichinoseki City 0191-33-2688 2022年1月18日 Y Y
69 Ichinoseki Abe Clinic (Koseikai Medical Corporation) 379 Higashiyamacho Nagasaka, Ichinoseki City 0191-47-3898 2022年2月1日 Y  
70 Ichinoseki Kikuchi Internal Medicine Clinic 33 Okita-Yokamachi, Daito-cho, Ichinoseki City 0191-74-2512 2022年1月18日 Y Y
71 Ofunato Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Takada Kita Store 15-1 Takinosato, Takekomacho, Rikuzentakata City 0192-54-4268 2022年1月7日 Y Y
72 Ofunato Yutaka Pharmacy 11-20 Uchinome, Sakaricho, Ofunato City 0192-21-1560 2022年1月20日 Y Y
73 Ofunato Ain Pharmacy Ofunato Store 175-1 Yamamagoe, Ofunato-cho, Ofunato-shi 0192-21-3230 2022年2月15日   Y
74 Kamaishi Nakata Pharmacy Kosano Store 4-2-45, Kosano-cho, Kamaishi City 0193-21-3355 2021年12月22日 Y Y
75 Kamaishi Palm Pharmacy 2-5-5 Tadakoe, Kamaishi City 0193-22-3353 2022年1月4日   Y
76 Kamaishi Nakata Pharmacy Matsukura Store 10-159-2 Kasshi-cho, Kamaishi City 0193-23-1230 2022年1月21日 Y Y
77 Kamaishi Otsuchi Ohno Clinic 2-9-20, Kirikiri, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun 0193-44-3122 2022年2月15日 Y Y
78 Kamaishi Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Kamaishi Store 2-4-17 Tadakoe-cho, Kamaishi City 0193-31-2268 2022年1月18日 Y Y
79 Miyako Miyako Nishimachi Pharmacy 3-3-5 Nishimachi, Miyako City 0193-77-5925 2021年12月22日   Y
80 Miyako Asahi Chozai Pharmacy 4-5-1 Odori, Miyako City 0193-71-2015 2022年2月1日   Y
81 Miyako Kamome Pharmacy 8-27 Wami-machi, Miyako City 0193-71-2077 2022年1月18日 Y Y
82 Miyako Tsuruha Drug Pharmacy Miyako Chuo Store 8-5 Hokuda, Miyako City 0193-65-0122 2022年1月18日 Y Y
83 Miyako Yamada Chozai Pharmacy 1-21-2 Iioka, Yamada-cho, Shimohei-gun 0193-65-7087 2022年2月15日   Y
84 Miyako Ain Pharmacy Iwaizumi Store 19-1 Iwaizumi Nakaya, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun 0194-32-3317 2022年2月15日   Y
85 Kuji Sun Care Pharmacy Kuji Hospital 9-127, Asahi-cho, Kuji City 0194-61-1888 2021年12月22日   Y
86 Kuji King Pharmacy 10-61-1 Asahi-cho, Kuji City 0194-61-1360 2022年1月18日   Y
87 Ninohe Ain Pharmacy Ichinohe Store 54-1 Ichinohe Sunamori, Ichinohe-cho, Ninohe-gun 0195-31-1280 2022年1月10日 Y Y
88 Ninohe Horino Chozai Pharmacy 89-1 Okawarage, Horino, Nino City 0195-25-5016 2022年1月10日   Y
  • Even if you are outside of your municipality, you are eligible for free testing.
  • Please check with the testing location for operating hours.

Outline of Objective and Initiative

The prefectural government is offering free PCR and rapid antigen testing (by subsidizing the cost of the test) to those who go to restaurants, events, travel or to travel back home using the vaccine testing package, or those who are worried about the rapid spread of the virus, in order to plan the balance between the current prevention measures in place and returning to normal life.

What is the vaccine testing package?

In the event the central or prefectural governments restrict the activity of people (eg. entry restrictions for buildings) in situations of increase virus spread, showing your vaccination status or a negative PCR/RAT test will allow the facility to relax restrictions to those who apply.

Note that, even if the spread is to the point where activities are not restricted by the central or prefectural governments, private organizers and restaurant owners can enforce restrictions and utilize this package.

General Testing During Periods of Increased Infection Spread

Free testing has been extended until Monday October 31st for those who are concerned about infection.


Anyone who does not show symptoms such as coughing and fever, and are concerned about the spread of infection are eligible. (Vaccination status will not be asked)

Examples of those who are eligible are below:

  • Anyone who has travelled to an area with an increased spread of infection or where the Omicron variant has been confirmed. Also, anyone who is concerned about possible infection that has spent a long period of time dining out with someone from one of the aforementioned regions.
  • Anyone who is in an environment that has many interactions with people from those regions, such as the workplace, etc...

We ask Iwate citizens who are worried about infection to undergo a test based on the fact that the spread of the virus is increasing within the prefecture and throughout the nation. Please refer ot the list of testing facilities to find where you can get a free test.

If you wish to take a test, please call the testing location beforehand.

Please bring your proof of identification (anything that proves your residency in Iwate) when you go to get tested.


Implementation Period

From Sunday January 9th 2022 to Thursday March 30th 2022

Testing as a Part of the Vaccine Testing Package


Anyone who does not show symptoms such as coughing and fever, and requires a proof of a negative test to go to restaurants, events, travel or to travel back home and has not received three doses of the vaccine.

Also anyone who requires a proof of negative test to interact with the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions, regardless of having received the third dose or not.

Important: You will need to show documentation (reservation details or tickets for events or travel) of the purpose of the vaccination when you apply for the test. If you cannot show proof of these, you will need to submit a statements which shows the activities and dates.

You are also eligible if you are visiting the prefecture and fit into the above criteria.

Implementation Period

From Monday December 20th 2021 until Monday October 31st 2022.


Office of International Affairs, Department of Homeland Promotion
(020-8570) 10-1 Uchimaru, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, JAPAN
Phone number:019-629-5765 Facsimile:019-629-5254
You can access our question form here.