A message from the Governor of Iwate about COVID-19 (April 17th)

ページ番号1029189  更新日 令和2年5月29日


-A message given by Governor Tasso during the 11th meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (April 17th)-

Yesterday (2020.4.16), the government announced that clusters are forming in sub-urban and rural areas following the migration of people from urban areas. Given the infection’s tendency to spread, it has become necessary for all prefectures to take preventative measures, such that the state of emergency has now been expanded to include all prefectures, including Iwate.

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, people from each and every prefecture must avoid non-essential and non-urgent travel and outings until 6 May, including the duration of the long holiday.

This is a request from the national government, and the National Governors’ Association will work together to further it. I would like to ask the residents of Iwate Prefecture and all other prefectures to please follow it.

Furthermore, I must urge all residents to refrain from visiting restaurants and entertainment venues in the downtown area, where many clusters are currently occurring across the country.

As a prefecture, while putting the highest priority on protecting the health and lives of our citizens, we will be taking appropriate measures to reduce the negative impact on society and the economy. I ask that all of Iwate; businesses, organizations, and regions work together to overcome this.   

Residents of Iwate should also continue to avoid the “Three C’s” – confined and poorly ventilated spaces, crowded places, and conversations in close proximity with others, in addition to taking extra care to uphold basic protective measures against infectious diseases such as hand washing and coughing etiquette.


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