A message from the Governor of Iwate about COVID-19 (March 30th)

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-A message given by Governor Tasso during the 7th meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (March 30th)-

Currently, we are seeing a stark increase of cases of the novel coronavirus within in Japan, centered in the Tokyo area.

The governors of five prefectures (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and Yamanashi) released a joint message on March 26th, asking their citizens to refrain from going out to crowded spaces for any non-essential reason. They also asked that young people (who are harder to diagnose) to act cautiously, for events and other gatherings to be cancelled, and for workplaces to enact work-from-home policies.

Based on those prefectures' requests for caution, the Iwate Prefectural Government asked our citizens on March 27th to please use an appropriate amount of caution if you are going to any of those five prefectures.

Today, on March 30th, I have two additional requests.

The first: This time of year marks the beginning of a new fiscal year, and people all over Japan usually move all about the country in preparation. As Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama have requested for their citizens to act with caution, if you are coming/returning to Iwate from those areas, I ask that you act cautiously in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as sheltering-in-place for two weeks once arriving in Iwate.

The second: We are noticing cases all over Japan where people were found to have contracted COVID-19 after returning from America or elsewhere abroad. I ask that you follow the quarantine requests for people to remain in their homes or otherwise indicated area for two weeks after returning from abroad.

In addition to what was asked on March 27th, I add that you act to prevent the three "close"s - closed spaces, close gatherings, and close contact. I also ask that you wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. I ask this of all citizens within all areas of Iwate, along with anyone who may come to Iwate.


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